This essay explores the distress, angst, and wanting of teenage life. Please consider this essay was created a few weeks ago, the feelings I felt while creating it were very sad, but the problem has been eradicated. This essay, although it describes something dark, can be interpreted as you like. Any meaning affixed to it is solely that of them who views it, and everything one sees in it and one feels from it is unique to them, as the dark and unhappy meaning is associated to me. Feel free to share what this essay means to you, but please allow others to create their own interpretations, after all, it isn’t math, it’s art.


Math is quite the opposite. It does require, however, a certain amount of creativity to do math, one must take the skills they’ve learned-the tools available to them, and create something to prove or demonstrate the truth or existence of (something). In this we learn that math is not the opposite of my essay, but rather a similitude. I have taken the art supplies around me to create this essay and prove something. But what am I proving?

To identify what I am proving, one must assume what I wanted to prove based on the clues in the essay. But this essay is not about what I want to prove because that is what I want to prove. The essay is about what you find it to prove, because I prove it to be so. I am telling you right now that this essay is about what you want it to be about, no doubt about it.

But don’t worry about what I’ve proven, worry about what you’re going to prove from this essay. Sure some proofs are better from others, and most people will probably see similar proofs in this essay but consider for a moment this Rational Wiki article on improbable things:

In the glare of a light,
I see a strange kind of sight;
Of cages joined to form a star
Each person can’t go very far;
All tied to their things
They are netted by their strings,
Free to flutter in memories of their wasted wings.

-In The Cage, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Genesis


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